Anima Keltia

Medieval, Rinascimental and Celtic music

E V E N E M E N T S​

March, 06 2020  alle 20.30 

"Qual piuma al Vento"   

Spettacolo Teatrale a Villa Albertini

Arbizzano, VR (Italy)

April 04-05 2020   

"The Korrigan and the Fairies" 

Chimères et Légendaire

Couvin, (Belgium)

April 18-19 2020

"The Korrigan and the Fairies" 

L'Orée des Légendes

Monthermé, (France)

Happy Mabon !!!

All Rights Reserved © 2014 by Mélanie Bruniaux alias Anima Keltia Celtic Medieval Music Harpist.

Photo's of  Irene Reffo, Bruna Zavattiero. 

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